Hungry for change

My inspiration to write this post began with a little documentary called, yes you guessed right, “Hungry For Change.” Here is a link for the trailer to gain your interest:

My healthy eating journey began freshmen year of college.

I do not believe in counting calories, dieting, or trying to get skinny.

My goal is to eat whole foods packed with nutrition and cut all the processed foods out of my life.

My first step in the process is to buy a juicer per the documentary. I don’t know anything about buying a juicer. This is a link I found from one of the speakers in the video called Jason Vale aka “The juice master.”

Below is the link:


Fast food burgers or death!

Imagine you are back in high school and just ate a huge greasy meal at lunch since there aren’t many healthy options. Throughout the rest of your day in classes your focus is solely on the golden throne. Finally, class is over and your math teacher resembling Gollum from Lord Of The Rings begins harassing you about a make-up test you have yet to take. Five agonizing minutes later you’re on your way out as the  principal pulls you aside and begins discussing next months game but you can’t hear a word over your grumbling stomach and all that comes to mind is “Oh crap.”

At this point the buses have left and you decide your only option is to take the road less traveled through the woods. Suddenly, a mysterious masked man takes you captive. This man is more commonly known as the food industry. Before you know it, a gun is pointed at your head and you are given a choice of consuming either fast food burgers for the rest of your life or death. Which do you choose?

Do you want clogged arteries or would you rather just take the bullet? In my opinion I’d rather die. Eating fast food often is a slow painful death versus a quick bullet to the head.

*The fictional events in this post are indeed dramatized to create a meaningful impact on what you put into your bodies


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